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Airs on 16nd, 10pm (Korean Time!) Touching YW's cheeck, KC says, "Don't worry. I will protect you." Then he loses his sense. In the meanwhile, KW visited Baek Nyeon hotel. (It's hotel which Mr.park manage.) He orders to prepare rooms for him and his servants. Tae Seo, Mr.Park's son, says there are no enough room for the all ppl. But KW doesn't accept it and threaten to prepare rooms. YW and Gon saved KC. Gon pretended to attack him to wake him up, then KC got angry. Gon ties KC and says, "How you treat us who saved you? And it's weird that you were running away in this night. Lead us to Baek Nyeon hotel." KC was asking to release him. At the moment, KC meets his friend and hears that there are emergency in the hotel. In Baek Nyeon hotel, KW threaten Tae Seo to give rooms to him. Though TS explains there are no vacant room, he ignores and uses his authority by threatening TS. In the end, TS's mom comes and beg to forgive her son. At that moment, KC comes. "I'm protecting this hotel. It seems like u're novel, then why you have those bad manners? Whatever you are, you are just guests here. Choose if you just gonna leave here or will be kicked out by me.", he says. KW gets angry and orders to attack KC. KC defends himself and KW leaves. Next morning, Mr.Park asks guardians' mistake. "Where were you yesterday? You guys always have to protect here!" KC lies that it was his fault. Ms.Yoon, Mr.Park's wife. says, "It's priority to solve the problem right now. You gotta visit KW and apologize. You know his authority. Though he retired, he is still one of the influential person." After Mr.Park went to KW, Mr.Yoon calls KC. "I told you leave here. Then why you came back? I'm worried if you would harm my som and daughter. I feel uncomfortable when I see you.", she says. Mr.Park apologizes to KW. "I heard my son treated you badly yesterday. I'm sorry.", Mr.Park says. KW says, "How about hitting KC 200 times? I've never let ppl who threatened me alive." Mr.Park says, "He's like son to me. And only murdered have the punishment. Plz forgive me and my son." Then KW asks to give me Baek Nyeon hotel or his daughter. "Unless you can't do that, KC gotta have punishment." Mr.Park asks to have the punishment instead of him. KW just let them go, cuz it would make his status bad if he hits Mr.Park. (Mr.Park has good status in the town.) In the meanwhile, KC meets the guy who had struggle with him. (The guy is usurer. He tooks money from citizens illegally. They had struggle with KC and asked money for it to Mr.Park.) KC gets money from them again and share it with citizens. YW meets SJ monk again accidentaly. "Hey, do you remember? You said I should not meet ppl under peach tree with crescent moon. What if I do not avoid the relation?" SJ monk warns, "One of you guys would die then." At that night, YW practices swordsmanship, thinking of KC. KC asks, "How did you know I'm scared of big spider? Have we ever met before?" YW asks,"Then do you remember me?" KC says,"Well, I don't remember..that's why I ask you." YW seems she's dissapointed. "If you don't remember, it's not important if we've met or not." At that moment, a stranger attacks YW. Mr.Park was reading a book in his room, then SJ monk visits him. KC and YW was chasing the stranger, then suddenly the number of strangers increases. Mr.Park asks, "Did you came here cuz it's been 20yrs since I raised up KC? Now can you tell me who is KC?" While he's talking with SJ monk, he realizes it's not SJ. Mr.Park tries to call the guardians, but the killer stops him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow, the story starts getting more interesting! I like it! Btw, KW is so annoying.. wat a bad guy:(!!! Plz I wish KC would protect Baek Nyeon hotel well from himㅠㅜㅠㅜ *Ep.5 LIVE Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/129518-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-5-LIVE-Recap