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Am I the only one who dislike SH?
Did you guys see SH betray WR? I really don't understand her behavior. Wat a bad girl. If she had consideration of WR's true heart and grew up enough to understand him, she wouldn't make a foolish decision like that. Anyway, I don't like SH :(
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@gailatienza19 I feel so sad of WR dying :( Today finally Lee Seung Gi appears! I'm expecting so much! ><
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i dislike her before too, but i read an opinion in a blog. and I think, she's just shocked with everything happens with her.
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@jasminenadhira yea I understand she can be shocked, but isn't her behavior is too irresponsible? Or maybe she was too young to accept all the things..:( Anyway poor WR..:(
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@njkim have been so bz....but 2daynam gonna watch the next episodesn hehehe keep me updated always..
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i dislike SH too
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