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4 Affordable Friday Fashion Faves From Zara

I'm a simple woman when it comes to fashion.

Over the years my style has evolved and at the ripe age of twenty-five, I can say that my style is definitely minimalist. If it looks and feels good, than thats all that matters. Ive never been one to be into the hype of name brands. Although they happen to be ideal, I have to be realistic and I've learned that you can still look put together without spending rent on a pair of shoes. That's where Zara comes into play. The one retailer that allows you to look put together without breaking the bank. The only thing is, over the years Zara has become a lot of women's go to stores and well, a lot of women tend to look the same.
I've been browsing the site for a couple weeks now [I try to only shop in store for fragrances] and let's just say that I have grown to love quite a few pieces -- one I even ended up purchasing. I am the type of woman who will gravitate more towards staple items and accessories before I spend money on something that I know I won't wear more than once. The great thing about Zara is that they cater to every fashionista's needs. Keep scrolling to see my fashion favorites this week from none other than Zara itself.

Are you a fan of Zara?

I love Zara! Howeverrrr... I've totally tried that greyish knit coat you posted, and it kind of bothered me that it didn't have any buttons? I like coats that are able to fasten. This one you have to just sort of leave open.
I love the aesthetic of Zara clothing, BUT...they never have my size!!!! 😠😳😣 I'm not tall and slender. I have calves, thighs and a butt. doesn't matter that my waist is 28. 😬😡😢
that definitely make both of us! @danidee
It just looks too warm and cozy for me to not have wrapped around me. :'(
See, I'm in between. I don't mind a coat that doesn't button because half of the time I leave my coats unbuttoned anyway, but I totally get why someone would want buttons lol I mean most coats do have them @danidee
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Friday Favorites: Weekly Beauty Favorites
Is it just me or have the weeks been flying by this summer? Probably just me, but either way -- it's Friday ladies and you already know what that means. You guessed it! It's time for me to share with you my favorite beauty items of the week. This week has been a great way beauty wise and I must give all thanks to these amazing products that helped my face look somewhat decent. I've been trying to ween myself off of purchasing cosmetics, but last weekend was my birthday so I decided to do a little damage. When the damage is done, there's no turning back and I can't say I'm upset -- these beauty items definitely didn't let me down. Beauty Fave #1: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Requiem I purchased this lipstick on a whim after initially going in to purchase a lipstick they were sold out of. I am extremely pleased that the sales associate persuaded me to get this beautiful matte lavender shade from Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection. It dries quickly and literally stays on all day -- maybe that's why it's called everlasting? Clever Kat, clever. Beauty Fave #2: Kiko Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Pearly Wine This is the perfect shade of wine. I'm not much of an eyeshadow wearer, but I am obsessed with this shade and it doubles up as an amazing blush/contour. Beauty Fave #3: Zara Chocolate Perfume For Women This fragrance smells delicious. That's all. I urge you to try it out for yourself, you'll fall in love. Since purchasing, whenever I wear it -- I literally get nothing but compliments. Beauty Fave #4: NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella Thanks to Sephora for such a great birthday gift. This is the perfect shade of red and unlike Ruby Woo, it's very moisturizing -- non-drying and it also lasts all day long. What beauty products helped get you through the week? If you missed my beauty faves from last week -- click here.