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I'm a simple woman when it comes to fashion.

Over the years my style has evolved and at the ripe age of twenty-five, I can say that my style is definitely minimalist. If it looks and feels good, than thats all that matters. Ive never been one to be into the hype of name brands. Although they happen to be ideal, I have to be realistic and I've learned that you can still look put together without spending rent on a pair of shoes. That's where Zara comes into play. The one retailer that allows you to look put together without breaking the bank. The only thing is, over the years Zara has become a lot of women's go to stores and well, a lot of women tend to look the same.
I've been browsing the site for a couple weeks now [I try to only shop in store for fragrances] and let's just say that I have grown to love quite a few pieces -- one I even ended up purchasing. I am the type of woman who will gravitate more towards staple items and accessories before I spend money on something that I know I won't wear more than once. The great thing about Zara is that they cater to every fashionista's needs. Keep scrolling to see my fashion favorites this week from none other than Zara itself.

Are you a fan of Zara?

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I agree, their sizing can be a huge hit or miss when it comes to a lot of pieces. I absolutely love everything else about them though @marshalledgar I totally get where you are coming from.
I love Zara! Howeverrrr... I've totally tried that greyish knit coat you posted, and it kind of bothered me that it didn't have any buttons? I like coats that are able to fasten. This one you have to just sort of leave open.
See, I'm in between. I don't mind a coat that doesn't button because half of the time I leave my coats unbuttoned anyway, but I totally get why someone would want buttons lol I mean most coats do have them @danidee
It just looks too warm and cozy for me to not have wrapped around me. :'(
that definitely make both of us! @danidee