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Ive fallen hard Deep into your greatness. I love you And i have loved you This whole time. Your my world So never stop breathing Because i need you. Id be nothing without you. Youve become my other half. I cannot survive Unless your heart is beating Along with mine. We have met before Maybe not in this lifetime But i have loved you before. Once i saw it in your eyes I knew this is Who i am meant to be What i am meant to be doing And where im meant to be. I belong with you And you belong with me. Your the missing piece To my puzzle And now i am complete. Now i see my own picture. I have scars between My pieces but i became whole Once i met you. Your heart is safe with me. But will you love me back With all my scars And through bad health? You say you have scars But i do not see any imperfections. Your the most beautiful Human being i have ever seen. And i have learned This is where i belong. I love you I have all this time And i always will.