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like what the hell. what is going on in BTS? first RapMon❤ with his finger
Now Jin. poor babies. Hope they all stop hurting themselves soon. It just worries me.
Come on BTS. we still love you but stop getting hurt. I know its hard lol
Ok while reading the comments on their new video for winning Music Bank people are saying that Rap Mon hurt his hand but there is no reason behind it. While Jin got his fingers hurt while playing with Taehyung! It's weird lol
RapMons whole hand is wrapped up in the video for Music Bank win
@DetkaN That'd what I was thinking. He punched a wall
@nerdy3000 they play rough with each other. I bet u RapMon got mad and punch something or somebody maybe that's why they don't say why
@Emealia He does have a temper he just hides it really good. 😊
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