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Ahhhhhh guess who's birthday it is???!!!!!!!!!

The One The Only The Beautiful Panda Maknae and Honestly the Best maknae that ever did maknaeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The Sexiest sexy Boy there is...........Lee Seung Hyun.......aka Seungri.....aka V.I

Where do I even begin with him!!? Well I could start by saying I love this kid(man) sooooo much!!!! He sweet , he's extremely charming and he's one hell of a ladies man!!! From the moment I saw BigBang as a whole and I saw Seungri I knew he was gonna be trouble in the best way possible!!!!!!!!! I love you more than words describe although no one loves you more than Jiyongi!!! You are loved and most importantly you are


So proud of you Seungri!!!! You've accomplished so much and seein you travel the world and seeing you perform on stage you truly are an amazing person!!!! Sooo I know the guys probably have the biggest party as possible planned for you so party it up like there no tomorrow!!!!!!!
😍😍😍😍most beautiful birthday boy ever!!!
Love you!!! Most importantly Jiyong loves you!!!! 😍😍😍
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EVERYTHING!!!! I love this boy! Don't ya wish we were at that party?!?! That's gonna be the place to be, for sure! Let's stow away in someone's luggage! Jiyong will be there!!!
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@Helixx I know!!!! If we hurry we still have time to make it!! And yes any party that Jiyong is at is a real party
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