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Is Sakura really that bad?

Hello Friends, it's been a little while. I'm here to defend another hated anime character, this time around Sakura from the Naruto series.

What Makes Her So Bad?

Now I know friends, I know why you hate her and trust me I was right there with you. When we first meet her it seems as all she can say is "Sasuke help!" She's just a ditsy girl who's only job is stand stand there and be useless. She really makes all female leads look bad. So yes I was not a fan at first.

What She Became.

Let's take a moment and look at what she's become over the years. Yes she was annoying at first but she grew into a strong independent woman. It all started during the Chunin exams where she realized how insignificant she was and it was time to toughen up and become stronger.

Sakura's Training

Sakura took training under the 5th Hokage and one of the legendary Sanin Tsunade. She trained hard to become stronger trying not to be just a background character and eventually had one of the strongest punches in the hidden leaf village. Her ninjutsu and genjutsu were still not on the level of Sasuke and Naruto but that why she trained in another field of ninja are

Medical Ninjutsu

Sakura, under the guidance of Tsunade, became one of the Hidden Leafs most respected medical ninjas. She's helped countless shinobi including our main protagonist on a few occasions.

Not So Bad After All

Sakura is in no way my favorite Naruto character and at one point I hated her just as much as most do. Sakura grew into a character that was strong and much more likable over time. She saved the life of some of our favorite characters and proves to be a very strong women that girls can look up to, just not at first.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Am I way off base or out of line? Any characters you want me to defend?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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I find it a bit weird that people hate Sakura just because she is annoying at first. She is like most main characters in animes. They start out as useless and weak but they mature and become stronger. I'm sure the author made her that way for a reason. I had hopes for Sakura since the beginning because I knew she would grow up.
@KaminariHana I agree. I didn't like Naruto at first ether but I love him now. Give them time they'll leaden to grow
as much as she annoys me as a kid, she really has grown on me and is a very important member of team seven what I do not agree on is her ending up with sasuke. I am a firm shipper of sai and sakura because I feel as if she was the one who really helped him open up
@sasunaru I'm not a big fan of Sasuke to be honest. I also felt like it was a little forced for her to end up with Sasuke and Sai would be a better choice
I will admit that she was annoying at first. But from the get go, Kishimoto said that she (and Rock Lee) were created to represent human weakness. You're not going to be perfect when that was your intended use. And I think some (or most) people hate her for that very reason. She represents their weaknesses. People don't like to be reminded of their own faults. Plus, Sakura stepped up in the Chunin exams. She was willing to risk her life (something that probably wouldn't have happened before the Chunin exams) for not only Sasuke, but Naruto and Rock Lee as well. She killed Sasori with the help of Lady Chio (mind you, Naruto has never killed anyone directly throughout the entire series), healed countless people, saved Naruto's life a few times, and helped the story move along.