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with the manga now finished (finished for a while now actually XD) i think they should remake it like they did with fullmetal alchemist, cause being honest i hated the animes ending. i mean yes the bravery to stand up to the kishin is what finished him but still bullshit that it took maka one punch to actually beat him and compared to there manga selves they have become way more badass like death the kid who is a full shinigami, maka and soul who perfect black blood, and black star who we all know is the baddest guy out there XD but ya leave a comment if u too think it should get another anime based off the manga
true... I want the remake to follow the manga too
same!!! they completely messed up the anime and I hated it
yes. also I'm glad I wasn't the only one displease with the anime ending
i find it funny cause some people will be like ya the ending is good and once i tell them about the mangas ending there like ya the anime ending was shit
I watched the anime first and was always let down by the ending. I recently read the manga, and the ending is soooooo much better. I definitely want a remake
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