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It's been a while since I posted the Dating Door card... I'm pretty sure no one remembers it XD

If you have any requests for the next dating door, please comment below.

On to the results!

Flower one is white and pretty; its meaning is honesty, purity, and perfection! As perfect as Jackson is, this flower is just for him!

Winner: @KathyCrew

Pink flowers mean grace, elegance, sweetness, and romance. Who would be the sweetest? I would say Mark!

Winner: none answered

Purple flowers mean dignity, pride, and success! I don't know about you, but I feel like Youngjae is the answer for this one!

Winner: none answered

Ah, pink roses! Thankfulness, admiration, and happiness. I really admire Bambam <3

Winner: none answered

Yellow roses mean friendship and optimism. Optimistic? I would go with JB!

Winner: none answered right :(

Orange tulips mean fascination, energy, and enthusiasm. Junior, maybe?

Winner: none answered right :( (Everyone answered Jackson instead!)

And lastly, white roses mean purity, innocence, and humility. I would say that the most innocent one in Got7 is Yugyeom...

Winner: None answered
So @KathyCrew was the only one who got something right XD

Congratulations to @KathyCrew, you may receive either 20 likes on your cards, or a request on a card.

Please comment below if you have any requests for the next Dating Door!

I wanted to take the pink and purple flower
I'm junior
JB. i think some pics would have been fun too. but u should do more
Oh I know you should do something like scenarios for Big Bang