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White Elephant gift exchanges: 90% hassle, 10% fun.

Despite the fact that nobody really likes them, our office coworkers STILL keep forcing us to participate in these awkward holiday rituals. Okay, so maybe they're a little fun, once the gift giving actually starts happening. But buying a gift for under however many dollars that people will actually enjoy? So stressful!
Luckily, there's something that's nearly universal in its appeal: alcohol. These boozy gift ideas are sure to be a hit.
Bye bye stress, hello inter-office popularity.
WHO could say no to this. I would eat this entire box right now if it was in front of me.
Coachella, anyone?
Come on, those hipsters at the office will love it.
Gamer nostalgia mixed with pure awesome.
Honestly, I'd be kinda surprised if ex-frat bro Brian from Accounting didn't already own this. It'd certainly make next year's Christmas party way more enjoyable.
That thing you've always seen online and always kinda wanted, even though you're not much of a whiskey drinker. I'm sure the casual alcoholic two cubicles over will love it!
Hello, Ms. Green Fairy. Haven't seen you in a while.
Spice up your life! Seriously, I bet people would fight over this one.
That looks so darn cool that I might actually have to start drinking whiskey now...
Another one for the hipsters. These work for guys and girls!
Liquor filled chocolates remind me of when I was a little girl. My uncle Shafiq used to buy them for Christmas every year, and I remember being kind of bummed that no one would let me eat them. I didn't really know why they were 'adult chocolates'. I just knew everyone was keeping them out of my reach lol.
Ahahaha poor baby @danidee! Uncle Shafiq just didn't want you getting drunk XD