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This was shot sometimes in the 90's. They say its the best teleportation proof out there but who knows. It sure is creepy tho!
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@nicolejb any really but human behavior. I always loved the job Jodie foster played in silence of the lambs. I tend to be drawn to stories about serial killers and wonder how they got there or lists of the creepiest places on earth and etc. Thru my own journey to healing I've read and learned just how pivotal of a role Environtment and learned behavior plays in forming us esp from birth to 3. I over analyze everything but introverts tend to do that anyway. I'm fascinated with different temperments of people.
Totally @2Distracted! I'm getting really into psychology too. though I'm not so good at talking about serial killers XD mental health is HUGE now though, I bet there's a lot of research you could dive into
@nicolejb I have learned so much on my own journey as well as being a research hound on things that interest me. I love finding info out for people that either font know where to look or can't stand the tedious action of searching. I've been in enuf counseling over my life to heal the damage done as a kid but its always an ongoing process. I swore my daughter would never experience the abuse and life I did as a child and I'm proud to say I've accomplished stopping that cycle and for the most part (as I'm far from perfect) raised her in a secure stable loving environment. I'm probably a bit overprotective about certain things but I try to stay level. Have you ever heard of temperaments people?
@2Distracted I have not! but my friend @RaquelArredondo has been publishing some really cool cards about crazy psychology studies and stuff, I found it to be really interesting.
@nicolejb ooo thank you for mentioning me :D I'm currently studying psychology (my link crew class) and I've learned quite a lot about people.