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Day 8
Favorite anime couple is Kosei and Kaori from Your lie in April! They are so cute when together and always try to motivate each other. They both want the other to do their best when playing music. If you haven't watched it yet, get on it!
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@DaBeats lol umm no sex or no ecchi? Because anime with sex in it is something completely different. Ecchi is just showing off a sexy anime girl.
2 years ago·Reply
What do you mean by the anime girl the whole big boobs or what @tallpinoy
2 years ago·Reply
@DaBeats Pretty much. Basically ecchi is a tease of a hot anime girl whether it be boobs butt or panties. So no sex or no boobs butt or panty shots?
2 years ago·Reply
@tallpinoy ok thanks
2 years ago·Reply
my favorite freaking anime I LOVE IT
2 years ago·Reply