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As a bunny fanatic and owner it can be hard to find out all they love to do. It's more trial and error. I've got to try this with my babies!!!
That's so cute. I'm going to pay extra attention to when my friend lets her rabbit out to play.
@danidee Lots of people think that as I did before I got one but they love to be entertained and play. my zoey runs up to me like a dog for a pet whenever I walk in the room. It's just hard to tell cuz they have no way that they communicate that thru body language. They are fun lil pets.
I didn't even know you could play with a bunny. I thought they just sort of existed lol.
I WANT TO PLAY WITH A BUNNY! @2Distracted, this is SO cute.
I know I want to try it with my bunnies. my goal is to have my lil girl zoey leash trained soon! @danidee