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Why did they delete this scene from Thor 2?

Because the world is a cruel and terrible place. Or maybe they were trying to save us from the pain? Because watching this, you see what Loki really wants. He wants to rule his kingdom, yes. But he wants to be loved, revered, respected. Not only that, he doesn't want to be the villain. He wants to be so good he's worthy enough to wield Mjolnir.
Yeah. Let that sink in.
Maybe it's a good thing this wasn't in the movie?
@PrinceCampbell yeah! This scene really does build sympathy for the character and since the last time we saw him was in Avengers it seems pretty important. Since that movie he was just a straight up villain, no sympathy there.
@kuzuri96 haha that's gotta be the understatement of the century @LadyLuna me too! He's kind of a jerk sometimes... but he's *our* jerk XD @amobigbang @MarySEW @Marichel @GinTenma @Beeplzzz @ShinigamiSan @VeronicaArtino @MichelleHolly @zaperz did you all see this yet? I'm sad they deleted it. I understand.... but still
@shannonl5 this breaks my heart & the feels. loki +feels= gottverdammt!
@shannonl5 yea thts true no villian thinks there a and there still wrong for it but I dnt think the hero really pays to attention to what happens in the villains past which is why they never change. Take batman for examples I don't think any of his villains ever changed good because batman doesn't focus on anyone's past(unless it has to do with little kids parents being dead) but when u bring an anime like Naruto in Loki's situation and Naruto fault Loki Naruto would be more focused on showing Loki Tht he doesn't have to be the way he is to be happy
@GinTenma XD that's a movie I would watch @zaperz that's very true, Ragnarok is probably going to be intense
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