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Take a look at this frosty-chic number by award-winning London designer, Sophie Springett.
PLATINUM PINK HAIR! It's gorgeous! It's that frosty color that isn't quite white-blond, nor is it pink-pink. You know what I mean...
I am going to get a lot of inquiries about how this look was created; regrettably, I have no clue. There's not tutorial or how-to for the hair color or the hair style. And for that I am SO SORRY! But because the look is so mesmerizing and stunning, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least share this with you as inspiration. Something to share with your stylist.
Photography is by Jemima Marriott
If you're a stylist or happen to know how to achieve platinum pink hair, then please share with me or point me in the right direction! Thanks!
first you would need to already have your hair a platinum blonde color. after that you would get the lightest pink dye you could find and then dilute that with conditioner until you get a very very light pink shade. you'd then put that over your platinum hair for maybe 20-30 minutes and rinse in cold water.
omg!!!!! I love the color
@marshalledgar no problem!! :)
Yes it definitely helps @kpop1369. thanks so much! !
@marshalledgar also your gonna want the dye conditioner mixed to be a slight shade darker/brighter than what your going for. I hope this helps!!
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