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Take a look at this frosty-chic number by award-winning London designer, Sophie Springett.
PLATINUM PINK HAIR! It's gorgeous! It's that frosty color that isn't quite white-blond, nor is it pink-pink. You know what I mean...
I am going to get a lot of inquiries about how this look was created; regrettably, I have no clue. There's not tutorial or how-to for the hair color or the hair style. And for that I am SO SORRY! But because the look is so mesmerizing and stunning, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least share this with you as inspiration. Something to share with your stylist.
Photography is by Jemima Marriott
If you're a stylist or happen to know how to achieve platinum pink hair, then please share with me or point me in the right direction! Thanks!
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@marshalledgar also your gonna want the dye conditioner mixed to be a slight shade darker/brighter than what your going for. I hope this helps!!
2 years ago·Reply
Yes it definitely helps @kpop1369. thanks so much! !
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar no problem!! :)
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omg!!!!! I love the color
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