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Seriously, this trailer went full doomsday.

And from what I see, it looks like they'll do a great job with this arc. They're definitely making use of Jennifer Lawrence (who said this would be her last appearance as Mystique). Storm looks awesome, and the tension between Magneto and Professor X is definitely going to be upsetting (as usual). Is anyone else sad we didn't see more of Psylocke and Nightcrawler though? And Storm really could have used some more lines.

And... was anyone getting a National Treasure vibe?

For a second it seemed like Xavier was about to go all Da Vinci Code on us.
You're welcome Vingle.
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@iixel @XavierLopez same here, I feel like the X-Men movies have been either really good or really weak so this trailer is good to see
@ChosenKnight AGREED!!! She looks INCREDIBLE and I'm seriously sad the focus of this seemed to be Mystique, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Like I get it, JLaw is so beloved, and I adore the character. But the trailer did kind of feel like her show when it should be an ensemble piece. (And y'know I'm sad Storm didn't get to say *anything*)
@shannonl5 yeah in a minute I'm just gonna advise Marvel to rename the movie series "Mystique's Evolution" or something.but I guess that's it Shannon,Marvel knows that people love Jlaw, so they've just decided to give her most of the screen time.
@ChosenKnight ugh. i mean I'd be fine with that if they were also doing a Storm's apocalypse