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Should France Turn off the Internet?
News Community Discussion time! This one relates to all the crazy things that have been happening over the past several weeks.
After the Paris bombing, an investigation began. May suggested that the terrorists communicated through Playstation (though that turned out not to be true). But we do know they used the internet as a tool to communicate.

And ISIS uses online platforms to recruit and train.

After the bombings the french police even went out of their way to add restrictions to the internet in France, stating that it was a threat to the country.

But, French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls turned down the ban. "A ban of Wi-Fi is not a course of action envisaged."
"Internet is a freedom, is an extraordinary means of communication between people, it is a benefit to the economy," Valls added.

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What do you think? Is Internet is a free communication we should all be able to use without limit? Or is limiting it temporarily for regular citizens a good strategy to stop ISIS?

What are the benefits/problems of having the internet limited?
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bruh don't we ppl need internet
2 years ago·Reply
Brilliant thought @SoulOfLight but the only other thought I had is, then what is the best method of stopping the bad people?
2 years ago·Reply
how they know ISis by names they can change it .
2 years ago·Reply
we can't live without internet.
2 years ago·Reply
I was thinking also about how many people this effects job-wise too @SohaElwan. Like I use the internet for like 100% of my work... hahaha
2 years ago·Reply