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Sometimes the best way to do a Winter wedding in class is to deck the night in icy crystal. Are you seeing everything in this photo? BLISS!
The banquet tables, with gold Chiavari dining chairs, makes the tall, elegant birch branches look dynamite as they glisten with yards and yards of beaded crystals. It captures the glisten and magic of Winter and the glitz and glam that a wedding should echo.
Florals on the table are white and simple. Notice that they are LOW on the table and not high, so as to get in the way of eye sight. Never over power your table with competing designs. The birch and crystals are the highlight and are perfectly balanced by the low tablescape elements.
What are your thoughts? Yay or nay? You already know where I stand on this one. I LOVE IT! :) Click here for more great ideas for your wedding ceremony and reception.