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I wouldn't say that this cake gives me "chills" or that it's "stunning" or any other 'Marshall-esque' superlatives. But this naked cake is, without a doubt, really lovely and in all the right ways.
This is considered a one-tier cake with five layers. Many inter-change the terms, though, it's not correct to do so.
Cakes like this are best presented in simple terms. The tall rimmed cake pedestal is clear glass. No ornamentation or color. Nothing etched or cut. It's just straight forward and simple. The cake isn't shaped geometrically, other than the round forms that are most used in baking cake. The layers feature creamed flavored icing, which is appropriate for naked cakes and the cake topper is a simple gathering of florals. That's it.
Here's what this tells me: it's a wedding, the cake isn't the emphasis, the vibe is simple, casual and understated. That's class.
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it is lovely, though. :)
oops! 馃槀 correct @linbur0100
unless I'm blind, this is a single tier cake with 6 layers, not 5. :)
Ok but what would the cake look like without the flower.
@day6memes, it would look bare. it would need a topper of some sort