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Take a look at this inspired look from Chanel's Summer runway fashion show. With a little glitter and paillettes, you can recreate this look for your wedding or winter special event.


Too Faced Glitter primer
Cosmetic-grade glitter
Cosmetic-grade paillettes
Clean brush(es)


1. After your makeup is "done", apply a SMALL AMOUNT of primer to the area where the lashes meet the eyelid. DON'T OVER DO IT.
2. Dip brush into glitter and gently dust a small amount over lashes.
3. Apply paillettes using either tweezers or a brush.
4. Using a clean kabuki brush, clean excess glitter from skin and surrounding areas.
TIP: This method can be done safely and easily by applying glitter and paillettes to false lashes FIRST, and then using lash adhesive to apply falsies.
Click here for the easiest tutorial on applying false lashes!
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Love this look! So pretty :)