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Hey guys sup this is kalyan .... what do you think well..... who do you think will win and just a reminder NO FIGHTING ON WHO WILL WIN. so what do you think is it chakra vs magic, sasuke vs natsu, susano vs dragon slayers. what do you think let me know in the comments section below which team will win until then next time guy's see ya.
This fight would be won in like two seconds because all the Uchiha's have to do is put them in a genjutsu and the fight is over. Natsu and the other guys in Fairy Tail have no idea what a genjutsu is or even how to break it so in my opinion Uchiha's win hands down.
@melltheoriginal A couple of words, True Susanoo, Rinnegan, Indra's Arrow, Amatersu, Body Flicker, Tai Jutsu, Falling meteors, and a selfmade god!
@melltheoriginal And as much as I hate Sasuke he is literally the second most powerful being on the planet by the end, Laxus wouldn't stand a chance against Sasuke. And Gajeel would get oneshotted by Itachi's Susanoo blade. And all the people you listed still could not take Madar, he was literally walking through a army and solo'd all five kage.
the only one who would maybe......maybe not be affected by a genjutsu is ezra. Since she has artificial eyes :0
@melltheoriginal I doubt Natsu has surpassed Laxus. @ZackCarrico The Susanoo is not fire, it's pure chakra.
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