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HOT ALERT! Chic Pony
This is one of those moments where the most simple, understated element--paired with an elegant dress (or accessory) can give you CHILLS with ecstasy! CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this FABULOUS CHIC PONY that this bride is wearing. There's a sensual ease to the look. It's natural, organic, fresh... I could simply go on and on...and on about this.
This messy pony is a bit more coifed, but just as effortless as the first image.
More proof that brides can rock the simple chic pony for your Big Day! And for any other chic event, for that matter! In fact, @JordanHamilton shared a card about adding the pedestrian sweatshirt to your chic wardrobe this Fall/Winter. You can read about it here. This pony look would be SOOOOO FABULOUS with a statement necklace over a neutral sweatshirt.
OMG! You need this look ladies!!!!
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Love the messy ponytail! Effortless.
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