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Absolutely drooling over this dish, which in my book, already sounds a little too good to be true. But no, it's a real thing created by Half Baked Harvest – a 45-minute dish as good-looking (and presumably good-tasting) as this one.
The sauce (because I know I worry about cream sauces, being lactose intolerant) is creamy without being too heavy. Aka no cream. Just chicken broth, milk, flour to thicken, and a touch of white truffle oil (mmm). Oh, and white wine! I love a good white wine sauce for chicken. The mushrooms go in there too, and it all just sounds divine.
So basically you'll just whip up some polenta, roast some veggies, sear and then simmer your chicken in the homemade sauce, season... and then you're done! Plate and enjoy, my friends.
This is exactly the kind of winter recipe I want to be making right now. Can't WAIT to try it out – maybe as a hearty après-ski meal over Christmas vacation?
More photos and full recipe at Half Baked Harvest. Enjoy, guys!
that's looks mighty 😋 tasty
Thanks for sharing :)