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I've always been a bright-eyed, optimistic sort of gal, so when I see things like this, I'm like, "Oh god. Do people really feel like this? Will I feel like this someday too?"
It's funny, but... in a sad and scary way. >_<
I do like the dark humor aspect. I have some close friends who have taught me to appreciate that more as I've gotten older. But at the same time, I never want to give up!! I want to keep HWAITING always!!
This is really funny to me. I don't know. I'm kind of a glass half-empty person. So ....I'm not sure hahha. I like it. It's kind of an adult looking back kind of thing that I find darkly hilarious.
Definitely @danidee :) I appreciate a fellow optimist <3 I think people definitely should look on the bright side, because it helps me so much! But then again, I do appreciate how black humor can be a coping mechanism for some. I don't know, I think life is good :) I hope that's not too much of a privileged viewpoint to have.
I feel like a lot of people feel this way. I think the media lately and just society in general has been hanging out in such a cynical headspace. I think we can achieve whatever it is we want to achieve so long as we continue to believe we're capable of it and continue to work hard to make it a reality. I think people would surprise themselves in seeing where life can take them.
I just get sad when I see someone who doesn't even try because they can't envision it being a possibility for them. :(