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I'm guessing it'll probably be announced at the 2015 AOMG 2nd Anniversary Party later on tonight. I'm seriously on pins and needles....no telling if the new member is currently a promoting artist orrrr if he/she is debuting under AOMG. I'm kind of excited but also kind of wary.....but I gotta trust in Jay and Daddy Simon to have brought in someone worthy of joining the family.
@CreeTheOtaku Good instincts! It didn't even cross my mind because around the same time Solo was released she released a collaboration track with Cokejazz from the Cohort so I thought maybe homegirl was just tryna get more exposure.
@CreeTheOtaku yeah I was gonna make a card this morning but I figured not too many people would care Lol. I'M EXCITED THO.
........I guess the jig is up , Jay told me not to say anything but can't leave a homie hanging ...... I'm joining the AOMG fam😂😂😂 don't have an official stage name but who cares working next to Jay is all that matters
@PassTheSuga I knew this when solo was out and thought I wonder if she might join aomg
Hoody is joining aomg