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Welcome back to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Tonight you have the chance to win up to $1,000,000!!! Are you ready to play? You'll be have to answer each question correctly to advance to the million dollar round. You have 3 life lines in case you get stuck. Good Luck!

Ugh... not again.

Sorry folks, but I don't have $1,000,000 to award to anyone. But, this is the BIGBANG Dating Game and you're well on your way to finding out which member of BIGBANG is your secret admirer. We've made it to Part 5. Are you ready to see what surprises await you?

The rules are simple: Be honest/don't cheat and HAVE FUN!!!

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Let's get back to the game...

Back in Part 3, I asked you to make a choice. You're options were:




Teddy Bear

Find the image of the item you choose to find out what happens next!

Balloons 1

It's after 2am by the time you girls make it back to your hotel room. It's been a really long day and you're definitely feeling it. You've been up since 8:00 this morning and all you want is sleep. Unfortunately, there is a ton of product in your hair and make up all over your face. You head for the bathroom and slowly get ready to hop in the shower. "Are you hungry?" Your BFF calls to you from the living room. "I guess I could eat something." You say. "But it needs to be quick or I'm going to pass out." She appears in the doorway to the bathroom holding a leather-bound menu. "Cool. I'll order something from room service then. I imagine their pretty slow at this hour so hopefully the food will be here by the time you're done in the shower." The shower is amazing. It has jet sprays from each of the walls and two shower heads from above. You close your eyes and imagine you're in a rain forest, getting showered by the rain. You're completely relaxed now. Slowly, your mind wanders from the rain forest to the Naver V set and the events of earlier that night. You had an incredible time. Regardless of what happens with this secret admirer of yours, you're happy. After the shower, you go about with your normal post-shower routine; hair, face, clothes, etc... On the bathroom counter, there are a bunch of soaps, shampoos and travel items from the hotel. You have no idea what is what as it's all written in hangul. You start looking at them more carefully, suddenly interested in using them. You open a package that reminds you of something hand wipes would come in. Inside, you find what looks like a face mask. After a moment, you realize it's a face pack. This excites you. You immediately apply it. "Hey-" You yell from the bedroom. "I found some of those Korean face packs in the bathroom!" You announce. "You know, like the ones Daesung wore on Family Outing?" You're putting on your pajamas as you speak. "Family Outing is the one where they take care of the house while the grandparents go on vacation." You walk into the living room. "You should try it with me." "Ok." You hear her say from the kitchen area. Upon entering the kitchen, you notice a large bouquet of balloons. They're anchored to a weight that is resting on the ground. "What's with the balloons?" "You tell me." She says, handing you an envelope and another rose. "They came up with the food." You grin. You sit down at the little dining table and rip open the envelope. You read the note allowed.
"I very much looked forward to seeing you at the Naver broadcast this evening. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I would love the chance to show you some of the sights here in Seoul. I have arranged for you and your friend to join me tomorrow. There will be a car waiting for you at 11:00am. Please dress warmly."
"What? How exciting is that?" She says. "I know! He's going to be there. I'll finally find out who he is." "Yeah, and we get to go sightseeing. I wonder where he's taking us." "Ok, let's eat and go to bed. I don't want to look haggard when I meet him... what did you order anyway?" "Ramen." "Oooh, real ramen?"

Want to find out where you're BIGBANG secret admirer is taking you? Stay tuned for Balloons Part 2.

Chocolate 1

The broadcast went amazingly well. Your nerves melted away thanks to the members, and you ended up having a lot of fun. You didn't find out who your secret admirer is, but you did manage to narrow it down to four possibilities. It's after 2am by the time you finish with the wardrobe department and collect your things. You tried to give Taeyang his hoodie back, you really did. But, he insisted you keep it. Outside the cafe, a black town car is waiting for you. The driver opens the doors for you an your bestie and you both get in. In the middle seat is another rose and envelope addressed to you. Under the envelope is a box wrapped in paper. "What is this?" You exclaim. "Open it, open it!" Your friend says. You pick up the rose and smell it. "Ok, should I open the envelope or the box first?" "Hmmm.... the box." You pick up the box and carefully unwrap the paper. You lift up the lid to find an assortment of fine chocolates inside. "Score!" She says at the delicious sight. The writing is in hangul so you cannot decipher what kinds of chocolates they are. You choose one shaped like a sea shell with milk and white chocolates swirled together. You pass the box to your girl and pick up the envelope. "Oh my god. This is so good." You exclaim as the first bite of chocolate melts in your mouth. "This is the best chocolate I've ever had." And it is. It's creamy, rich, smooth and so delicious. You open the envelope and pull out the card.
"These chocolates are from my favorite Korean chocolatier. I really hope you enjoy them. Tomorrow, I have arranged for you and your friend to join me for a day of pampering. There will be a car to pick you up at 12:30pm. I anxiously await our meeting. Sweet dreams."
"Finally! I get to find out who this sweet mystery man is!" You squeal. BFF pulls the card out of your hand while shoving a chocolate in her mouth. "A day of pampering!" She says. "I'm so on board for that."

Want to find out where you're BIGBANG secret admirer is taking you? Stay tuned Chocolate Part 2.

Jewelry 1

"I'm sorry you had to eliminate one of the members from your secret admirer list." Your BFF says inside the hotel elevator. "I know he's one of your favorites." She hugs you sleepily. "Thank you. It's ok though. I have Taeyang's hoodie!." You reply, hugging her back. "And there are still four other members... one of them is my secret admirer, right?" "One of them has to be." She replies. You're still hugging when the elevator dings and the doors open at your floor. You start to head out the door when your bestie grabs you by the hoodie. "You smell so good... manly, but good." She says. "I know." You giggle. "Whatever Taeyang uses for cologne, it's heavenly." After a few moments of walking, you reach the door to your room. You fish about in your purse for the key. "I'm so happy to be back at the room. I am so tired." She says. "Oh, I know. I am too." You're still trying to find the key. "Hey, do you have your room key? I can't seem to find mine." "Yeah, it's right here." She pulls her wallet out of her purse. But it's not there. "Wait, I had it in here. Maybe it fell out into my purse." She starts digging around but can't find it. You lower yourself to the floor and start taking things out of your bag. She follows suit. Soon there is a pile of make up, lotions, body spray, books, IDs and various cards and receipts, pens, coins and paper monies, ibuprofen tablets, sunglasses, and other girly necessities strewn about the hallway outside the your room. "I don't get it. How did we lose both of our room keys in one night?" She asks. "Seriously... maybe we left them inside the room?" You say. "No, I'm sure I had mine." "So am I." You start putting things back into your purse. "I guess we should head back down to the lobby and get new keys." She glares at you. "I'm too tired for this." She whines. You start handing her her belongings. "C'mon. The faster we do this, the sooner we'll be in bed." You say, encouraging. Once you've returned all the items to their respective purses, you head back to the elevators. You reach the front desk and the concierge greets you. "Good morning, ladies." He says, bowing. You smile and bow in return. "You must be here for this." He hands you a small, white box tied with a lavender ribbon, an envelope and a rose. "I was told you would be coming for these." The two of you look quizzically at each other. You open the envelope. Inside are both of your room keys. "What?" You exclaim! You're eyes are wide in disbelief. "You're admirer is a thief! He had to have gone through our bags during the filming!" Your BFF's tone is incredulous. "But none of them left the set. Maybe they had help." You look at each other. "Ok, let's head back up. You can read the letter in the elevator." She pulls you away from the front desk. You thank the concierge and bow respectfully as you're being pulled away. You pull the letter out of the envelope while waiting for the elevator doors to open and let you in.
"Please join me for dinner tomorrow evening. I happily anticipate your presence. Please bring your friend. There will be enough for the three of us. I will send a car for you at 6:00pm. P.S. I apologize for the trickery. I hope you are not upset with me."
You do a little happy dance in the elevator. You're having dinner with your secret admirer! You're so excited. Your friend takes the card and flower from you so you can open the box. Inside is a delicate white gold bracelet with a single pearl and a white gold flower charm. "Oh my god, it's so beautiful!" You love it. "Wow, that must be worth a pretty penny." She says. "You are one lucky girl!" You are, and you know it.

Want to find out where your BIGBANG secret admirer is taking you?Stay tuned for Jewelry Part 2.

Teddy Bear 1

You're so tired you don't even bother turning on the lights. You just stumble to the bed and flop face first into the comforter. "Oh bed... I love you bed." You mumble allowed. It's 2:30 in the morning and you've been up almost 19 hours now. The jet lag mixed with all of the evenings excitement has completely worn you out. You know you should change and and take off your make up but this bed is so comfortable and sleep is threatening to take you. Suddenly, the lights go on and you cringe, holding your eyes closed even tighter. "Turn it off." You mumble, grumpily. "You're not going to change?" Your bestie asks? "At least take your shoes off." You groan. "Ok then... but if nothing else, you should probably check out what's been left for you on your pillow." You furrow your brows and open one eye. You're looking at your friend who is standing at the foot of the bed. "What do you mean?" You were just on the brink of sleep so your comprehension is lacking. "Look behind you." She says, pointing to the head of the bed. You turn your head over, mashing your face in the blankets as you do. You open your eyes and see a blurry, dark blob in the center of the pillows. You raise your head up and focus your vision. "What is this?" You ask, rhetorically. You crawl up to the pillows and see the blob is really an adorable teddy bear. Resting in his lap is an envelope and a rose. "Awww... I love it!" You say allowed. Your BFF crawls on to the bed to join you. "He's adorable." She says. You pick him up and hug him. Despite the level of tired you're at, you easily figure out it's a gift from your secret admirer. You close your eyes and lean over head first onto the pillow. "Wait, aren't you going to read the card?" "No, I'm going to sleep." "Don't you want to know what it says?" "You read it." She takes the paper out of the envelope and reads allowed.
"Good night, Beautiful. Sleep well, for tomorrow I have planned a fun outing for us. When you're ready to go, call the front desk and they will have a car pick you up. Bring your friend. Sweet Dreams."
You smile. Even half asleep, you're now thinking about where he's going to take you. It's doesn't really matter as you're going to find out who he is and you get to spend the day with him. You sigh. "There's something else in here." She says. "It's like a credit card or something. I can't read what it says though." "We'll find out tomorrow." You mumble at her and wave her off with your hand. "Ok, I'll let you sleep. But I'm taking your shoes off for you!"

Want to find out where your BIGBANG secret admirer is taking you? Stay tuned for Teddy Bear Part 2.

Alright, are you happy with the choice you made? Excited to find out where you're going with your secret admirer? Anxiously waiting to see which member of BIGBANG it is? Part 6 will be up tomorrow and the game will continue.

Yes, I said PART 6 will be up tomorrow! I finally have internet again so you don't have to wait days between games parts anymore. YAY!

omg I'm happy with the teddy bear but I'm not a noona to any of the big bang members. lol either way I'm excited. πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
awe i liked the Teddy bear one. i just hope it is my my bias. i would be so happy if i got him. @helixx i do not know how u come up wit it all but girl. i swear i would so die if it would happen in real life. love love it all so far.
Wahoo!! I love some good chocolates! Wish they were actually melting in my mouth right now. I have a feeling I'm not going to get my bias. πŸ˜­πŸ’¦ I'll try to keep it together.
Looks like everyone chose teddy bear πŸ˜‚ I'm so excited
woah, woah, secret admirer!!!! I can't someone from Big Bang likes me.......like what is even going on. I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see the next part
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