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With the winter cold here, your skin could use some lovin'! I'm excited to try making my own DIY body butter – it's rich, creamy, decadent, smells soooo good, and you save money by making your own!

Plus, it could be an awesome DIY christmas gift!

Make a big batch, dole it out into cute jars, and delight your friends and family. :)
This recipe from The Prairie Homestead is super easy to follow, and takes only about a half hour.
There are two versions you can make – chocolate scented, or unscented – to which you can add any combination of essential oils to add the fragrance of your choice!
For winter, I'd recommend combining peppermint essential oil with the chocolate version, or to the unscented, maybe a nice soothing lavender to get through all that holiday stress. :)
Go check out the recipe on The Prairie Homestead, and whip up some of your own delightful homemade body butter! :)
I should make some of this soon. It seems easy enough. Thanks for sharing!
You're very welcome, @lovelyfall10. I hope you enjoy! :)
Thanks :=)