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Here's a second batch of cards for everyone! There's still a few I need to make so if you didn't get one yet don't despair! There's enough holiday goodness to go around.
I feel like you're always so excited and it's totally catching. Everything you say makes me happy to be here. I hope you and yours have an awesome holiday!
It's been so great getting to know you and your comments always make me smile! Never change.
You're so sweet and supportive, it's awesome knowing you're here! I hope that the holiday season treats you right friend.
I feel like you make me smile every day. I wouldn't be surprised if your alone joy was keeping Stan Lee alive right now.
It's such a relief to be able to talk about tv with someone else! So many people I know just aren't interested so it's really awesome to have you!
There are so few people in my life that know comics like you do. You're making me up my game! Have an awesome holiday this year!
I feel so lucky to know you. I hope that the holidays totally rock for you this year!
This year I hope you get to be Lois Lane. And if that doesn't happen, I hope that you have an awesome time!
Your sense of humor is a gift. I hope that in return you get everything you want this holiday season! Here's a bunch of Deadpools to get things started.
Dear @sammsosa
Friend, you are hysterical. It's so much fun seeing your comments because I know you're out there cackling at your phone. Have an awesome holiday!
I know we just started getting to know each other but I love hearing your thoughts about comics and I'm so excited to learn more about you! Happy holidays.
Your messages are so encouraging and amazing! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! Have an awesome holiday season (and hopefully a well-deserved break from your studies)!
I'm so glad I've got someone else who loves Jessica Jones! I hope that this holiday season is totally awesome for you!
I'm so glad you're here! I hope that everything works out awesome and the holidays are as super as you are!
You make me smile every week on the Mad Libs, I'm always looking forward to it! I hope that your holidays are as happy as you make me.
I'm really looking forward to freaking out over season 2 of Agent Carter with you. We're almost to January! Have an awesome holiday in the meantime.
Even though you like DC more, you're still one of my favorite people to talk to on Vingle. I hope you have an awesome holiday season!
Your cards are always so much fun to read! I hope that your holidays this year are amazing!
I love seeing your cosplays and hearing what you think about new comic book developments! I hope that your holidays are as much fun as you are!
I've run out of space again! There's just to many awesome people here I'll keep posting holiday cards this weekend!
By the way I am so full of energy fight now. Just finished watching Ant Man and I want more. Can't wait until Civil War, Captain Marvel, etc. Mainly Civil War. I want more. MORE!!! Lol 馃槅馃槃
awwww merry Christmas to you @shannonl5 hope your having a great week so far. 6 days before Christmas have fun. 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃挒馃挒馃挒
thank u for being so thoughtful @shannonl5. I really loved it. good one. merry Xmas and happy holiday to u.
yeah it looks very promising @shannonl5
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