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No one loves the holidays more than me. Isn't that what everyone says? Well, it's true. And while there's nothing like a deep berry lipstick for Winter, I couldn't resist sharing these TWO HOT SHADES FOR SPRING 2016!
Though these colors are available now, the apricot and nude lipsticks, by Gerard Cosmetics is giving me so much life and eager anticipation for Spring! Can't wait! (But like I said, I still am loving the Winter!) Brides are going to look so hot in these colors, I can hardly stand it! LOL
Top color: Passion Play
Bottom color: Peachy Keen
Put these on your must-have gift list, even if it is last-minute. You'll want these for Spring next year!! Click here for more makeup styles, tips and tutorials.
These look so pretty!
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Yes! @TessStevens aren't these to die for? That Apricot is making my blood temperature rise!
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