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Sometimes we hear the "you're so skinny" comment being shoved as a compliment, when sometimes, it's anything but. We grow up aware that we must be careful with language that may be considered fat-shaming, however, we neglect to think about what we say regarding those who have thinner bodies.

Some people actually don't want to be thin.

Some thin people might be sick, terminally ill, depressed, going through treatment of some kind. Some thin people might generally have a difficult time gaining weight, although they really do try.
Some thin people might despise the thin bodies they are in, and may not want to be reminded of their size. I think it's extremely important to be sensitive to the varying issues concerning bodies. Since we do live in a world where thinness is the envy of bodies, we neglect to stop and think about how commenting on thin bodies may affect the person who actually lives in that thin body.

What should we do? ...We should really just steer clear of commenting on people's sizes.

So much yes! My best friend in college is very thin and was insecure anytime someone commented on her weight. She struggles gaining weight while others struggle to lose it, so their praised her for her thin body. She would politely say, "thank you" but I know it always bugged her. :(
So true @alywoah, I'm glad you've brought this up. And I totally agree with you too @shannonl5. How about we stop commenting on women's bodies so much? I don't walk up to my guy friends and say, "Oh wow! You look great! Have you lost weight?" -__-
Definitely! A friend of mine always gives the compliment "you look like you've lost weight" and of course I know she means well, but it's honestly scrutiny over something I'd rather not be scrutinized. I do enough of that on my own. I'd rather get compliments about an accomplishment, or even something like "you seem really happy/proud/excited" right now, focusing on the things that really matter
Very good point. Just think of the body size topic taboo all the way around. It shouldn't matter either way. Good point indeed.
this is very true; I'm big (not obese, just a little bit heavier), and I would hate if I posted a picture and someone said "You're so big." I feel like the same would apply to a thinner person.
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