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Seungri: I am the sexy baby!!!!
Daesung: Sexy baby? they called me sexy King!!!!!
Taeyang: you think you are sexy? Seungri: No no are the sexy one
TOP: so you are saying I am not!!!
TOP: I can do this
GD: I can do better!
Taeyang: Guys you really want to do this? I'll show you
Taeyang: who is sexy!? they called me sexiest Taeyang Girl!!!
GD: why do we even start?!! Seungri: Is ok I got you!!!
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first off that last photo is Jiyoung crying! awe feels
@LaurenDimalanta Yes on the concert he did😭😭😭😭
oh my its so sweet. he is such a sweetheart and kind soul. @lovetopia
This was so funny but why was he crying on the last one?!? 😭😭 I wanna hug him so bad!
poor GD.... I'd give him a hug a tell him it'll all bo okay. :3