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i feel so alone i never do anything to hurt any one yet i am the one who gets shitted on in the end i hate this the liers the cheaters the abusers i feel alone like no one out there can or wants to help me i hate who I'm growing up to be i hate how my life is headed my mind is messed up while my life is demanding, all these bad habits i feel like i want to die and start over but that's not an option you taunt me worry these memories i thought you loved me but now your wroth another man asking for sex from me ,fuck you , you lied to me saying that i was the only man for you, i didn't know you had said that to some one else behind my back , you abused me mentally i haven't been worry another in fucking 8 months you, you, you hurt me you .....raped me although your younger, although your a girl you raped me took something i wasn't ready to give and just when i thought it was ok you fucked me over once again so you come crawling back to me asking for forgiveness, i hope every guy your with finds out before loving you because, i did.
Words feel really inadequate here. I'm really sorry you went through all that. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you're in a place where you feel safer. This too shall pass
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a piece of advice that's always stuck with me, and remains true always, is this: this too shall pass. the time where everything hurts and is awful will ultimately pass with time.
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