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So I realized that most of my cards in the Korean Alphabet Series has nothing to do with K-Pop, yet I kept on posting it in the K-Pop community. I know that a lot of fans are willing to learn this language, but I thought it'll be more helpful I had a card introducing K-Pop band names/idol names with the letter. And it also wouldn't be a community violation. Good plan?

7th grade invention project says: When you're learning a language, it's best to incorporate the alphabet with English. What does that mean? Well, look at the title.

I hope that was some good advice...

지민 (Jimin [Park])

One J in "ji"!

지민 (Jimin [Shin])

One J in "ji"!

제이홉 (J-Hope)

One J in "je"!

정국 (Jungkook)

One J in "Jong"!

제이와이제이 (JYJ)

One J in "je"! (Repeats twice)

종현 (Jonghyun)

One J in "Jong"!

이성종 (Lee Sungjong)

One J in "Jong"!

재범 (Jaebum [JB])

One J in "Jae"!

진영 (Jinyoung [Jr.])

One J in "jin"!

지아 (Jia)

One J in "Ji"!

지윤 (Jiyoon)

One J in "Ji"!

제시카 (Jessica)

One J in "Je"!

박재범 (Park Jaebum [Jay])

One J in "Jae"!

박제형 (Park Jaehyung [Jae])

[My ultimate bias~~~]
One "J" in "Je"!

권지용 (Kwon Jiyong [G-Dragon])

One J in "ji"!

육성재 (Yook Sungjae)

One J in "jae"!

김종대 (Kim Jongdae [Chen])

One J in "jong"!

김종인 (Kim Jongin [Kai])

One J in "jong"!

김준면 (Kim Junmyeon [Suho])

One J in "Jun"!
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Great advice and great card! I found the J in every one of those! Now if I could just find the time to practice. ...^^
Just look at my cards! They're quick and easy; if you read/check one each day, you'll learn quickly ^ @JamiMilsap
So many people I love start with ㅈ omg hhaha i never noticed until you put them all together like this^^