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When Seventeen first debuted I was like ok cool they are cute. But I didn't really like shining diamonds all that much. Then I saw adore you and I was like hey I love this song. And their dance practice was soooo cute. So I followed them with mild interest. But now that I have FINALLY learned all their names.......OMG HELP ME I HAVE SLIPPED INTO THE DIAMOND LIFE AND I CAN'T GET UP!!!!!! So bias choosing time easy right? WRONG! every time I start leaning towards someone then someone else just shoved their way into my heart. Here are my top three right now but honestly this means almost nothing. I love them all.
Mingyu. He is one of those ones that isn't my favorite but I feel like is secretly my soul mate does that make sense? Like in real life I feel like we would get along the best. Plus he is tall handsome and goofy and he just melts me....
Jeonghan. He is just magical. Like literally he is flawless. He wakes up flawless and stays that way all day. He is so cute,so sweet, so pretty omg 😩. His laugh is adorable and he reminds me of Exo's lay and a little bit of got7's jb. I thought I had finally settled on him as my bias but then.........
This little cutie pie/ gentleman appeared and.... Ok so at first I thought I liked Joshua only because he speaks English but if that were true I would feel the same way about Vernon. Joshua is just so sweet and adorable and ugh I can't with these people. And he reminds me of u-kiss's Kevin woo. Especially the way he talks and smiles. And a little bit of bts's jungkook.
Yup seventeen is my bias@Jiyongixoxo @btsgotshinee
All three of them are on my long 17 bias list. (Basically all of them are on my bias list) but I love them they are so adorable!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚with seventeen there is no bias choosing it's impossible unless your bias is jeonghans hair