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And your name is..??

Alright, I asked some friends this question and I also gave them my own response, but I was wondering: If you had a Korean name, what would it be, and why? Every time I saw a card that had sething about "Your Korean Name!" The name I got never really felt right, sounded right, or suited me. So I ended up looking at Female Korean names online, and these three little syllables just stuck with me and sounded so pretty to me. Min YeongMi (민 영미) So now that I've told you my answer, I would love to hear yours back! Look up some names, be creative, and put some thought into it if you don't already have an answer~. Looking forward to y'alls response!! :)
I actually prefer to keep my name Chelsea, since its the usual korean 2 syllables. And @MorganElisabeth gave me the last name Bae. So I'm 배첼시
@MorganElisabeth I love it.
You know.... I think my name would be Tayun 😂😂
I already talked about this in the chat but for everyone else; I'd love to be called Halmang because she was the goddess of Jeju island and we all know Seungkwan is my special Jeju prince. IN SERIOUSNESS THO. I guess for me, I really like 민 (Min) too. Or Minseo which is from Min ( 민 meaning people, or citizens ) and Seo ( 서 quiet, dignified, etc ) so 민서.
I'd choose Dal Nim 달님 From Korean Mythology, DalNim was the moon. c:
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