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That voice.. was Jungkook... and some girl. I had watched those two, I wasn't one to make quick judgements, but I was right.. so horribly right, it hurt. She clung onto his arm like her life depended on it. Every now and then, you would see then sharing a kiss every now and then. I finally worked up the courage to confront him, "Jungkook, what is this? ...Have you been cheating on me this whole time?" He stopped in his tracks, startled, picking his words carefully. But his girlfriend told me everything. "Babe? is this that annoying girl you keep talking about? Ugh, you were right she is ugly.." She looked at me in disgust. Tears formed up in my eyes. I couldn't hold it in. I loved Jungkook very much. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way.. I guess I never should have talked to you... I guess I should have stayed in the crowed with all the other girls.." "Oh my god, she like, a fan of you? Oh my god! That so stupid! Why would you date a something like that?" The girl squeaked. I could tell that he wanted the girl to shut up, I did too. But the fact was that Jungkook still cheated on me. "Is that all I am to you? A piece of... nothing? Then why torture me out of all of the girls who wish they could be with you? Why me?!" I broke out in tears. "Look, she's even a baby too." The girl mimicked. "Shut it! Look Y/N, this isn't what it looks like. It is a part of my job, so I needed to be with her." He paused after every other word. "I don't care! The fact is, you still cheated on me! Cheating is Cheating! You're a monster! I hate you so much! You leave me out in the cold, making me think that you were just busy with work!" I screamed. Jungkook looked at me with wide eyes, while the girl was pouting. "Y/N, you don't mean that. I love you I promise I really do." He extended his hand to my sholder. "Don't touch me! I've been out here for hours, declining rides, coats, and umbrellas, waiting for you to get here so we could just have a simple date! I wish we never met!" I ran away from him running into the streets. "Y/N! wa-" were the last words I ever heard before I was hit by a car. It was stupid of me to run off on him. Now I sit here in a coma. Waiting to wake up, yet I don't want too... My life is already over...

Oh jeez was that dark?? Man.. I'm a depressing person... I'm sorry...

I think I like the bad ending better, too... it's more emotional and it really made me want to shut that one bitch up with a high five to the face with a sledge hammer... too intense? Sorry I'm weird...
@reyestiny93 Yeah, I liked the bad ending better so it'd not just you!
omg! I wasn't expecting that... omg its so good! My & my puddle of tears love it ❤
@ILikeHisFace123 We all know I hide in the dark corner, my friend
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