I lived a normal life. That is, until I saw him. He was just standing there, dark eyes shaded by the night clouds with this horribly creepy smile on his face. I was only ten at the time, and was thoroughly creeped out. I just stood there, staring for a moment, and when I blinked, he was gone. Though it kind of scared me, I thought nothing of it. Maybe I had just been watching too many horror movies. I hadn't seen him again for two years. Recently, I got a text on my new iPhone, reading "Hi. I haven't seen you in a while." It was from an unknown number, so I just replied with a "Who is this?" I got no reply for three hours. At twelve am, when I was reading something on Wattpad, my phone buzzed. I picked it up and tapped on my messages. There was another message. "I'm in town." I was a little unnerved, but replied again. "What's your name? Do I know you?" I went back to reading after locking my phone. I wasn't really expecting a response, and jumped when the device buzzed against my left arm. "You don't know me, but I know you." To my brain this seemed awfully creepy, so I stopped replying. Ten minutes later I received another message. "My name is Drake." I rolled my eyes, now suspecting this person to be some guy at school. "Of course it is. And you're the one that was standing outside my house two years ago, right?" I waited, now amused. His reply wasn't what I expected. "Yes! I missed you." My heart beat faster, and I was frozen for a moment. I had the sudden urge to avoid the window, so I just replied with shaky fingers. "Okay, you made your joke. You're actually kind of creeping me out so if you could stop that would be great." He replied immediately. "Sorry! I don't mean to scare you you're just so beautiful." I stopped replying. That night I slept with my curtains closed and my window locked. A few days ago I got another message. "Hello, love!" I didn't answer, and muted my phone. I was alone in town, as my house is only a five minute walk from the square. As I exited a store, I saw the same dark grey jeans and black hoodie that "Drake" had been wearing the first time I saw him. I was absolutely sure that he would have the same creepy expression on his face if he looked up from his phone. I went home, cancelling my meeting with my friends. I got a message from him again that night. It was a picture of me in Dollar Tree, looking at my phone. I was scared now, and replied with a racing heart. "How did you get that picture?" I waited, holding my breath. "I saw you in town today." I didn't sleep well that night. I locked my door and window, closed my curtains and hid under my blanket. Yesterday I saw him. I saw him every time I looked out a window, and resorted to locking all entrances and staying holed up in my room with my butt rooted to my swivel chair and eyes glued to the screen of my computer. I got at least ten messages from him, maybe more before I blocked the number. I got no sleep. This morning there was a story on the news about a man named Drake who extensively stalked and then raped an eleven year old girl last week. I was horrified, and now I'm sitting here, writing this. I will never, ever reply to an unknown number again. (A Creepypasta I got inspiration for earlier today! All of it is fictitious, so no worries)
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Holy crap! Thought this was real for second..... then got to the bottom... and, to say truthfully, this really did scare me.... and now is pushing to play more horror games (only ever played Five Nights At Freddy's)
Glad you liked it!! There is more to come soon ^^ @TheGreenEyedPup
I'm probably going to make a sequel to this, and something else that I can't reveal yet *evil laugh*
wow that was pretty good nice job