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Here's a list of my favorite romance and whatnot animes. I felt it wasn't fair to compare such different genres like action and romance so I gave them their own list. This is just personal opinion and it's all in good fun. I excluded animes that were already in my top ten I made a while ago. If you want to see that list check it out here: SPOILER FREE
5. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Basic plot is the main characters are part of a club that's supposed to help people solve problems and it's about the characters development as they go through that. Characters are interesting especially the main protagonist.
4. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches The basic idea of the show is there's seven witches at school and their powers are used through kissing and it's the main crew going through adventures meeting all the witches and whatnot. Lots of loveable characters and funny moments.
3. Blue Spring Ride Also known as Ao Haru Ride I wrote a spoiler free review already so check it out here: Great storytelling. Literally had me falling in love with the male protagonist and I'm a guy who doesn't swing that way. Lol
2. Haganai Also known as Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai or I Don't Have Many Friends Similar to My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU as all the main characters are part of a club together. Basic story is some people join a club that's supposed to help them learn how to make friends and the group goes through a lot of stuff trying to have social interactions.
1. Oreimo Also known as My little Sister Can't be This Cute or Ore no Imouta ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai One of my favorite anime of all time. Should really have been in my top ten list I mentioned above. Plot is that the main characters accidentally discovers his little sister is an Otaku and is obsessed with the stuff. She however believes that if anyone knows it will ruin her image so the brother decides to help find ways to express her love in secret. Great character designs and character personalities. I really felt connected to the characters. This is the only anime that's ever actually made me cry. I have another card where I talk about it more here (the comments have spoilers):
Thanks for reading my card and remember to tell me some of your favorite Romance/Slice of Life animes in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
@MadAndrea Same. Great anime. Oreimo was great as well.
@MadAndrea Literally thought he was me sometimes. Lol
Omg my teen romantic comedy snafu seriously hit me so hard! That boy seriously had so many thoughts that I had in school about not really giving a shit and not understanding why other kids were the way they were. Ugh it was rough.
Sato and Misaki from Welcome to the N.H.K. would be my number 1!
I've heard awesome stuff about Oreimo! awesome list, homie
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