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Today wraps up the end of the week. I started working out and started thinking about the sort of foods I am putting into my body. Although I did not go to the gym everyday this week like I wanted to, my diet has been pretty healthy.
The photo above was lunch I had on Thursday. I had steamed carrots, broccoli, sauteed red onions, and a turkey patty I made with spinach.
My lunches meals typically look the same -- a protein with vegetables. For snacks, I have oatmeal, yogurt, and FiberOne bar for when I really have a sweet tooth.
Okay, so here are the other pictures I took of my food:
This was a homemade soup. I love to make soups! It has chicken, red kidney beans, corn, peppers, and onions. It's a tomato-based soup. I then topped it with a few croutons.
This breakfast is actually under 300 calories. Can you believe that! These are egg white breakfast tacos. At the forefront of the photo are two sausage links. The white cream you see in the tacos is actually plain Greek yogurt, which I use in substitution for sour cream. If you've never tried it that way, you should! It makes your meal far healthier.

Fitness Updates:

This week I did back, light legs, and upper body (chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, ect.) This morning since I opted out for the gym, I went on a 30-minute walk. The walk was more for therapeutic purposes, than it was for fitness. I am sore as heck, which was expected. I can't wait for this weekend to do some outdoorsy things to get my body moving in a fun way.
I was meal prepping for awhile and i totally fell off, i really need to get back in to it
AWESOME, @alywoah!! I love these updates, they're so inspiring ^.^ your cooking looks really healthy and yummy. I'm going to try making some things like that this week... I've been eating out way too much >.<
Thanks love! Yeah the good thing about cooking is that I am also saving money and that's always a plus!!! @AlloBaber