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Hello Everybody~! This is my first dating door so follow my collection for more of them in the future. As from the title you saw I am doing BTS this time, comment what groups you would like in the future. Let's get started! 1) Pick your favorite shoe 2) Comment that shoe I will post the members in 24 hours and which one you got so get ready!
Shoe #1
Shoe #2
Shoe #3
Shoe #4
Shoe #5
Shoe #6
Shoe #7
Alright that's all the shoes! Comment what shoe you liked best and don't forget to also comment what groups or items I should do next :)
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I didn't like any of them XD where the Jordans at but 7
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Four low key tho! :P
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@TaehyungV four is Jin if you couldn't tell already hehe
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