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Multitasking at its best
my love. haha. Brushing his teeth and doing some work and charging his phone and looking sexy at the same time. haha.
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haha. I wanted to mention those too.!!>< I just forgot the name of the character.>< haha. @CheyenneJessee
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Oh that's what he's doing:) I thought the 'toothbrush' was a marker and he was thinking
2 years ago·Reply
haha. really.?? I had to look super hard to see if it was a toothbrush. @TLeahEdwards
2 years ago·Reply
How could you not love this man he's wearing Olaf slippers😂😂😍
2 years ago·Reply
😂😂😂😂 exactly.!! how can you not love this man.!!! he's just an angel.!! he's adorable.!! @Jiyongixoxo
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