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Once upon a time.. there was a fencer..
named Wang Ka Yee (Jia Er) whatever you prefer. .lol
and back then fencing was his life..
but he never imagined that he would become one of the sexiest man alive. .Jackson Wang the wild and
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Wait...isn't that jr.? The last picture...
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I think is Jackson with eyeliner. .and looks like Jr. but. .may be you are right.. I Will find out.. .I got it from a site it was Jackson's only tho.. but you never know.. @tinathellama
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馃憤馃徎 I mean it kinda looks like Jackson but then it also looks like jr....
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I knew it when I saw fencing in the title that it was Jackson. What has kpop done to me.. Not that I'm complaining though ^-^
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Yea, the last pic is Jr. Facial structure isn't right for Jackson.
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