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I asked every body who should be our lover and a lot of y'all pick some one so lets see who he is
It's was after graduation, and I had to move in to weeks. It's hurts knowing that I'm going to be leaving Korea to go back America. I so hurt knowing that I'm leaving friends. **Three days before graduation.** I called Jongdae and J-Hope over to our spot. Our spot was this old shack that Jongdae owned. I was looking out the window and saw them walking towards the shack. I open the door and saw them. "Its looks like it's about to rain." Jongdae said. I smiled at him, I looked at J-Hope, he was looking like his weird self. They walked in the shack and sat down on one of the benches in our shack. This is where we could come and tell each other how we truly feels or talk about things that nobody knows. "So Why did you call us here?" Jongdae said pointing at him and J-Hope. "Uhm... Well.. The thing is.." I was hesitating to tell them the truth. "Come on y/n You can tell us. What is it?" J-Hope said with his smile. I closed my eyes and took one big breathe, "Well my dad had got a new job and he moving back to America were he going to be a professor at a Business College in New York. But the thing is because he works there we get to go to college for free so he told me, My sister, and brothers that's we had to move to America and go to college. So the thing is that in moving and I might not be coming back." I said out of breathe. I open my eyes and saw their face. Jongdae was just looking at me. J-Hope wasn't even looking at me. "Guys I'm sorry I know we said we would go to college together." I said. J-Hope got up and was about to walk out but I grabbed his wrist. "Hobi please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry we can't follow our dreams." I said. J-Hope snatch his wrist away from me. "JHope I'm sorry." I said again. He turned around with tears in his eyes looking at me. "Sorry? Sorry is that all you can say. We been planning this since six grade. But now you leaving to go to a business college." He said as a tear feel down his eyes. "Hobi come on she don't have a choice but to go." Jongdae said to JHope. I was looking at him with sadness in his eyes. "Y/N didn't you say until we die we will never leave each other." He said. Before I could say anything else, he open the door and ran out in the rain. "Hobi!!!" I yelled as he was running away. "Let him cool off Y/n." Jongdae said.
**J-Hope P.O.V** When y/n text me I was happy. I was happy that she wanted me to come to the shack. I wanted to tell her her how I truly feels. As I got their I saw Jongdae walking up to the shack. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. "Y/N asked me to come." He said shrugging his shoulders. I looked at him confused. I thought that she wanted me to come to the shack. Before we could open the shack door she popped out. We went in and sat down. She kinda look sad, she look like she wanted to say something. I looked at Jongdae wondering what going on. Before I could say anything else. She comes out and said that she moving away. I turned my head, I felt my heart break as I sat there. I got up and was about to walked out the shack. She grabbed my wrist, she didn't want to me to go. I tried hold my tears from felling down my face but I couldn't. I turned towards her, she saw the tears in my eyes. I pulled away and ran as fast as I could to get away from here. I heard her yell my name as I ran. I was crying while getting rained on. I was so hurt by her, I couldn't believe that she is going to America. She said that we would be best friends forever. She said that we would always have each other until the end. I looked up at the clouds, as the rain fell down on my face. I took out my ring that I was going to give her. I was going to tell y/n the truth. But she leaving now, I really felling in love. As I was walking towards my house I saw some packages their. I looked at it and saw it was from Seoul University. I saw my name and then I saw another package with y/n on it. I realize that's me and y/n took the enter exam for Seoul university, I told her to give them my address. I was really happy that's I got this now I got a way for her to stay. **present day Y/N P.O.V.** I was looking out the window, looking at all the houses that's in the neighborhood. When I looked down I saw JHope jumping up and down like a crazy fool. He was yelling my name, I open my window, "Hobi What the hell are you doing?" I asked. He was still jumping and dancing like an idiot. "Come down I have something to show you." He yelled. So I grabbed my jacket and went down stairs. I went to the living and saw how empty and sad it look. My eyes began to water, but I shook my head. I open the door and saw JHope running towards me with that weird smile. "Okay what do you have to show me?" I asked looking at him like he was on medication. He didn't say nothing but he grabbed my hand and took me to his house. I looked at him wondering why I'm here. Before I could ask him why he pulled me in his house. When I got in side I saw my parents sitting with his parents. "Uhm, Whats going on?" I said looking at everybody. "Come here honey come sit down." My mother said to me. So I went by my mother and sat down. "Okay can somebody please tell me what's going?" I said looking at everyone. "Why didn't you tell me you applied to Seoul University, and you was getting a full ride there?" My father said. I looked at him confused wondering what he was talking about. JHope mother gave me an envelope with my name on it. I open it and saw that I had got accepted to Seoul university and a scholarship. I jumped up and screamed this was my dream school. I looked at my parents, and realize that I'm not going to go to this school. "Don't stop jumping and screaming honey." My father said. "Why dad it's not like I'm going to be going there anyway." I said sadly. "Actually after Hobi brought us this, you wasn't. But now we decided to let you go." My mother said. I looked at them with surprise, and hugged them. Then hugged JHope and kissed him on the cheek. I was so happy I could believe it.
**Two weeks** So I'm at the airport with my family watching as they leave. I gave my mom and dad a hug goodbye. "Be careful and don't go out at night with out Jung okay?" She said as she was making sure I looked okay. "Okay sweet we are about to broad the plane. You should go back and get your things ready for your dorm." He said giving me one big hug. My sisters Chole, and Kristin was crying and hugging my shirt wet. "Don't worry your little sister will be okay." I said. "Don't forget to video call me as much as you can kk." She said moving her hands to talk to me in sign language. "Bye little sis now you don't have dad or mom, so get your freak on." Kristin said as she gave me a hug. I laughed at her, and smile. I waited for Jason, Josh, and Jake to give me that brotherly love. "We love you little sister so don't have to worry about a thing, oh If any guys here try to do anything thing, just tell them that you have triplets as brothers." Jake said. I watch as all of them left to get on the plane. I wave goodbye for the last time, and turned around and left. I was walking towards the exit until somebody bumped in to me. I fell, "Hey jerk face watch were you going next time." I said to the person with out looking at them. I wipe the dust from my clothes. "I'm sorry about that I didn't see you there." The manly voice said. I turned around and stood in shock to what I saw. To Be Continued....
Okay it's the wrecker part now. Okay which on will be my wrecker. Daesung: The cool guy Tao: Long time friend (since kindergarten) Chanyeol: The biker Boy. the most have the.comments will be my wrecker lol. @Emealia @KpopGaby @AimeeH @amandamuska @KellyOConnor please tag People if you can lol that's
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this is amazing
Chanyeol and please tag me on the next part