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Since I'm fifteen and not allowed to have tattoo yet (maybe, idk but I know that my mom won't allow it 😆) I've been drawing on my arms and legs with this facepaint and putting it on ever once in a while if it starts to fade
Yea that.....
Y'all already a know my bias is gdragon right? Well my ULTIMATE FAVORITE song from him is getyourcrayon (you can tell by my username and profile pic ^^^)
So I thought "why not combine the two things I love most?" Tattoos and getyourcrayon song, it simple says crayon and I'm hoping that when I'm allowed to get a tattoo, this will be my first (and I have no regret on this one, I love it 😊💕)
my classmate got a tatoo when she was 13
My number one thing with tattoos is get something you won't regret and thinking long and hard before getting them, but I think you're ahead of the game with thinking long and hard about it. ❤ I need/want some kpop/anime tattoos but I need to get the one I have in mind for my mom first.
its ok. lol #1 the $ sign that God has in his fingers #2 the "forever young" #3 roman numbers (same numbers like GD @cathyacrayon
What are the three matching tattoos you got? I'm sorry I'm really u interested in everyone's tattoos >////< @BBxGD
Enjoy the art girl. I already have 10 tattoos (they are very addicting) and I have 3 matching tatts of GD and his stage name
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