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welcome back to my bts life where your life revolves around these amazing guys above. I know I'm a bit late posting part 2. sorry guys!! if you're just now joining the game please check out part 1 first (link below) http://www.vingle.net/posts/1268071?shsrc=v now let's get Down to business and find out what job you got! remember... I'll be keeping track and no cheating!


You throw your purse in the passenger seat and start your car. Suddenly your built in GPS starts alerting you of an accident nearby. you take a closer look at the screen. "Are you kidding me?! " you shout at the GPS. The accident is on the main road you needed to take. You quickly scroll through alternate routes and choose the next fastest one. Finally you get there and slide into your new parking spot. You dash to the front door mentally making a note to call your parents and thank them for insisting that you get a newer high tech car with built in GPS if you're going to be on your own in Korea. you're so distracted that you nearly bulldoze your new boss as you run through the door. Quickly you bow. "I'm so sorry sir!" " Well (y/n) you're right on time down to the exact second. The boys are on their way down now. Now I can introduce them to their new personal assistant!" As the exit the elevator and walk towards the entrance you try not to squeal with excitement. They stop in front of you and your boss as he quickly introduces you to them. You sneak in a quick pinch to the arm to make sure you weren't dreaming....this was real! After your introduction you're immediately greeted by V, who wraps you in a massive hug." I'm V...Taehyung....alien V....whichever you prefer. Welcome!!!" He's still hugging you as Jin steps in and peels him off of you. He gives you a shy smile. "sorry about him. I'm Jin or Seokjin....whichever one you'd like." "oh my gawd!!! he really is like the mother!" you whisper to yourself giving Jin a quick bow and smile. You thought your mutter had gone unheard but kookie must have caught part of it because he steps up next... "pardon?" he says using the phrase Namjoon had taught him. You had seen the video several times on YouTube so you couldn't help but giggle when he said it. He smiles at you "I'm Jungkook." If you had a heart monitor it would have shown your heart stop right there. He was an angel!!! "Excuse my friend. He's still learning. I'm Namjoon or if you prefer Rapmon, Rap monster, or god of destruction" he smiled and sent you back into your mental cardiac attest. Those dimples!! That face!! Was this heaven? "And I'm your hope!" Jhope cut in. " Or Hoseok will work too." He extends his hand to take yours and kisses it then winks. "He's such a Goofball" you think to yourself. Jimin is the last to introduce himself to you but his smile is so bright you could melt. "Hello. I'm Jimin." "hello jimin" mentally cursing yourself for grinning like an idiot. Everyone turns to Suga who has been silent the whole time. He looks around at everyone. "What? Everyone knows my sweet face....Suga but I guess you can call me yoongi too." you all laugh which he doesn't seem to mind and then they leave while you finish your tour of the company. Congratulations! you're Bts's new personal assistant! @LenaBlackRose, @SunnaWalo, @Reyestiny93, @nancyMnguyen, @ReynaWithLove, @HaleyEastman, @Evalise @mylifeisnow @kpopfangirl15 @VivianYang @jumbled12 @RainaC3 @crazyalyk @JasminMartinez @nerdy3000 @catatrophic @NalaniCerteza @dancingdazzler @BluBear07 @Kelseymcneel42 @SamanthaRae19 @CreeTheOtaku @CheyenneJessee @aracelymejia62


You rush out the door grabbing your trusty bike from the stand. You shove your purse in the basket and start to pedal like there's no tomorrow. As you pedal down the street you notice an accident up ahead. Thank goodness you biked today. Traffic looked terrible. The great thing about bikes is that you don't have to stay on the road, there's no traffic and rarely any stop lights, plus it helps maintain your figure. You arrive 5 minutes early to the studio, fix your hair, and quickly find your boss. He commends you for being early a d tells you that they are actually being with the filming so they haven't arrived at your part yet. You're free to relax a bit on set. That's when you spot the food table and your mouth starts to water. yes you had a pop tart this morning but...come on now it was a pop tart. Plus you worked up an appetite pedaling your heart out earlier. you need no more convincing. You grab a plate and start spooning food from here and there. "I recommend the fried rice. it's really delicious." You jump at the voice behind you. Quickly you turn around....egg roll in mouth might I add and find yourself staring at Jin! You nearly choke!!! "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Jin or Seokjin" he bows. All you can do is nod in amazement and bow slightly. " Alright, Alright. Hyung are you trying to kill the new dancer?" Namjoon says as he comes up to Join and slings an arm over Jin's shoulder. "I'm Rapmonster, Rapmon, god of destruction, or just Namjoon". You cough the last bit of egg that had launched itself in your throat and add a weak "Hello." " Who started the party without me?! Hello!! I'm V or you can call me Taehyung" V said slinging an arm around your shoulder. "So you're the new dancer! I'm Hoseok your one and only hope!" JHope said joining the group. You try to bow but V's arm is still over your shoulder and it doesn't look like he'll be letting go anytime soon. "You'll be working a lot with Jimin and I" JHope added as Jimin walked up to the group. Jimin gave you a bright smile "Welcome!" "Don't forget about me!" Jungkook popped up out of nowhere startling you again. "I'm Jungkook." You shake your head. you thought his pictures we're gorgeous. In real life there we're no words to describe him. "what's everyone getting excites about?" that voice could only belong to Suga. You bow ducking out of V's arm....as heartbreaking as it was for you and introduce yourself. "Hello my name is (y/n). I'm the new backup dancer for the m/v." "well newbie I'm yoongi." he says as he gives you am adorable grin. " since it's still early and we're past introducing ourselves let's hang out and get to know each other." Namjoon says showing off his gorgeous dimples with his amazing smile. Congratulations! you're the new backup dancer and you got to spend some extra time with the boys. this may come in handy later @BabySheep @Dahliadang @SarahVanDorn @B1A4bts5ever @destiny1419 @BTSusga21 @minimonkey07 @kpopanime45 @amberg171997 @JessAS @Jessicalnichols @kmayong @AdiaJasinski @xojuliettexox @megannmatthews @carolinacastane @oceanseokjin @XionHeart @swimrocks05 @loftonc16 @VeronicaArtino @frisky199123 @JaxomB @VKookie47 @Ilikepancakes @JessicaChaney


You run out the door and straight to the bus stop. Lucky for you the bus is right on time. You hop on and sit down. At least you get to fix your hair. Suddenly you crash!!!!! The End!!! just kidding! but there is a 3 car fender bender up ahead causing a lot of backed up traffic. You try to be patient but you've barely moved 3 feet in 10 minutes. You can't wait any longer. You beg the bus driver to just let you off. You muster up all of the determination and energy you can find and take off running the entire way. You have no other choice! you left your purse at home. You finally arrive 10 minutes late, out of breath, and your hair that you just fixed is ruined. Your boss was waiting for you at the entrance. He did NOT look happy at all. You quickly bow and apologize. "This does not look very good for a trainee to be late on their first day. " " I am so sorry. It won't happen again." "it better not. I'm not one for 3rd chances. I had wanted you to meet BTS since they will be your sunbaes, but they've already left to their scheduled events. They were very disappointed in you." Well on the upside you are a trainee and the boys are you Sunbaes! On the down side you just missed them and you're already in trouble. looks like you need to get on their good side. @btsgotshinee @kpopandkimchi @OliviaZenger @ViviVixen @AnnaArai @React10k1ng @JohnEvans @TLeahEdwards @jazbasquez22 @H8rt4u @XergaB20 @CristinReynolds @PricelessEyibio


You rush out the door and hail a taxi. Since your not driving it'll give you plenty of time to fix your hair. As you're using your fingers for a brush you notice traffic start to slow around you. "I should have known better." you mumble to yourself. The intersection ahead is notorious for accidents but it's the fastest way. "Excuse me" you say to the cab driver "is there another route we can take?" "well I can turn down this road coming up and take the back roads but it's a longer route and a higher cab fare." "that's fine. I'm really in a hurry please!" You pass a bus stuck in the middle of all of the traffic and thank your lucky stars that you didn't take the bus. As the cab pulls up to the agency you fumble through your purse for your wallet and hand the driver a large bill. Enough to cover double your fare. He starts to count back your change but you check your watch. You're already 2 minutes late. "keep it!" you holler over your shoulder as you run for the entrance. you aren't trying to be rude but this was important. You easily find the make up room and set up your work station. The room is in an uproar so no one notices you sneak in. Your boss eventually makes his rounds to you. "welcome (y/n). Sorry about all of the commotion on your first day. I'm sure you didn't even get to properly introduce yourself to the boys." Realization that you just missed BTS by 2 minutes hits you like a freight train. "Don't worry you'll get to see them a lot this week. They have a busy schedule so as a make up artist you'll be very busy." Congrats! you're a makeup artist. Even though you didn't get in trouble you missed meeting the boys. Sad Day! But you'll be seeing them soon! @Celeste2655 @AnnahiZaragoza @DulceOjeda @riah001 @deefran @FalseLove
Next task is a bit different. Pick a color (pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, green, and red) and one of the boys. The color will determine your relationship with each boy. one color per boy. list the boys and the color you pick for them. good luck! example: rapmon- grey suga- white jin- black ect.
Jin Pink Kookie Blue Suga White Rap Mon Black Jimin Red JHope Green V Purple
hope I have a good relationship with Tae Tae
jin pink, jhope purple, jimin orange, rapmon yellow, suga blue, V green, Jungkook red
no problem @XergaB20, @ChelestiEdwards, and @kelseymcneel42 welcome to the game! hope you all have fun!
@heidicheisa That's how I think of their colors though....I'll fix it here.
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