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Yesterday passed as National Human Rights day, (card here!) but today is also an important day-- the day the UN established UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund). It started 11 December 1946 "to meet the emergency needs of children in post-war Europe and China."
UNICEF's work is carried out in 192 countries, working with children around the globe. So they are pretty awesome.
The UN was doing a lot of good in the world (and still are), but with the increasing changes in the world, is the UN doing enough to meet the worlds needs?
One of my new favorite Vinglers @misterE made an excellent point that I wanted to highlight here:
"Those UNers were pretty busy doing good back then. Let's encourage them to keep it going. Thinking of these things reminds me of FDRs four freedoms and his Second Bill of Rights. Really great ideas for the people that he called on congress to implement. Ironically much of the world adopted his standards for their citizens but here in the USA they were always opposed and stopped by the big money interests. We could sure use them now. In a Hunan rights "current event" women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to vote and actually run for office for. The first time this weekend. "
"While this us a step in the right direction there is a long long way to go there, as women are considered only 1/2 citizens and will be arrested for manly things like driving a car! unbelievable!"
While we've done a lot for children and for the world... maybe now is the time to step up when it comes to equal rights for all.
Happy UNICEF Day! Now let's celebrate by thinking about what else in the world needs an help.

For women, for children, for refugees, and for our struggling world right now!

@misterE thank YOU! For keeping me updated on important days and talking with me
Great job Nicole.. thank you! :)