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Would you get a matching tattoo your fav idol has? Or.. I would get a matching tattoo honestly
Would you get a fan tattoo?:)
Lol already have one matching one (technically two) I have a smiley face like GD and Roman numerals on my shoulder like him and I'll probably get more and a fan tattoo maybe
I actually have three matching tattoo of GD, #1 is the $ sign he has on his finger. (in my finger) #2 the roman numbers (same numbers as his) #3 the forever young I even got "G-Dragon" on my ankle. my next step is Big Bang logo.
I would. I just need to figure out witch ones. I already have 3 more that I want to get that have nothing to do with K-Pop. I would propably want Lee Hong-Ki's star tattoo. and a quote in Korean.
@BBxGD alright:)
@dayashley11 for really I feel ya... message me though. 😝🙈
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