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heyy guyss ,so I've kinda been wanting to learn more about the boy band Super Junior! Is there someone who can tell me about this banddd?!?

if so plzz comment !

Super Junior is the male answer to the global success that is Girls Generation. They originally debuted with 12 members, but at their peak had 13. With so many members, a few are always off in the military. Three left just recently. They have a million subunits so no matter who is in the military, they're always making music. The group that is touring now is KRY - Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. Choi Siwon is arguably the most active, doing UNICEF work and acting in dramas (She was Beautiful was his last before enlisting). The leader is Leeteuk and the maknae is Kyuhyun, who is also promoting a new solo album. My favorite songs: Mr. Simple, A-cha, Mamacita, Devil, Butterfly My OT3: Yesung, Leeteuk, Ryeowook Happy listening!💙
@taylorthetwist woww thanks!! 😉 I'll surely listen to their songs 👍