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Hey everyone this is a response to the Marvel Caption Contest, @shannonl5. Please leave me comments and tag people who will enjoy my funny captions or participate.
Oh poor Peter! Hold it! XD
I don't think we want to see that side of you Peter.a......
Ooookay...... XD
All done! I'm tagging a couple people. @shannonl5 (I know tagged you twice XD) @buddyesd @poojas @danidee @VinMcCarthy @ButterflyBlu @nicolejb @VinMcCarthy @selley12 @MichaelOgg
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@MichaelOgg Lol I know when I saw his face I was thinking I got to do it. XD That's cool. I want to get the batgirl costume but it way expensive. -.-
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I guess 馃槀
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Spider-Camel. I'm so into it.
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I totally heard the "Well tie me up and call me shirley" caption in a cool accent! XD love these
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